Acupuncture allows me to combine both Eastern and Western medical practices in a way that works for me. I am more mobile, pain free and have more energy to do what I need to get through the day. Acupuncture gave me back my body.

Greg Enos is an expert practitioner of the art. Greg takes the time to understand and listen and really explains what he is doing and how it works as well as recommends appropriate follow up if needed. Amazingly helpful!

Trish Seiler

Who would have known that such a tiny needle could do so much, but when paired with the knowledge and skill of Greg Enos, it is miraculous what they are capable of. For years I have suffered from a multitude of ailments ranging from nausea to chronic back pain and everything in between. After a few weeks of treatment he has made improvements far greater than any doctor I had previously seen. He and his staff are extremely friendly as well, and I can honestly say my Tuesday appointments are one of the highlights of my week, and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Joe Johnson

I am so grateful for the truly effective science of acupuncture therapy and the highly professional skills of Greg Enos. After an auto accident, I found myself dealing with neck and back pain and almost constant headaches. Greg has helped me reverse these symptoms in just a few months with acupuncture and some wonderful and inexpensive herbal medicine. Thank you so very much. As a nurse, I would recommend acupuncture with Greg to any of my patients.

Elsie McEnroe RN

My son has been dealing with migraines just about his whole life and he is only ten years old. We have tried numerous prescription migraine medicines but nothing has worked. Our last resort was acupuncture. He was nervous about trying it but did very well. I could tell that once the needles were in and he a headache some pressure was released and he felt somewhat better. He was also given Chinese herbs and those are what are really making a difference. He is not in so much pain when he does get a migraine, he can eat sooner and he is a little more active. I feel the herbs are making a huge difference and will continue them.

Diana Farmer

After only 2 treatments, I have improvement!

Valerie Ball

I first heard about Shasta Acupuncture from a friend of mine. Greg Enos was giving educational flu clinics for $25.00, with that you got 2 huge bags of tea designed to flush germs from your body that you might come into contact with on a daily basis, 2 bottles of herbs, one used as a daily amour to protect your body and one to use if you felt the flu coming on. He also provided a world of information and handouts about protecting yourself from the flu virus. I have used these herbs and managed to stay healthy even though I work with the public. I also have gone to Greg for herbal consults regarding my health to seek treatment for pain, energy loss and menstrual issues.

I have never felt better! He is truly amazing! I believe in naturally healing the body from the inside out. Greg can help you regardless of your situation. The herbal consult is only $50.00 and the herbs are very affordable! Give it a try, the only thing you have to lose is health problems. Health problems are something we would all be happy to lose! I sure am!

Elizabeth Renee Frye

I started with Greg and his staff in May 2008. I had an intense pain across the back of my head and down the back of my neck. Before going to Greg I had a battery of testing done. The Western Medicine ruled out all of the bad stuff, but still could not repair the problem. Now, after several treatments I feel as though I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Yay! Greg has also had me on herbal therapy which continues to help with my pain and other health issues I may be experiencing. So thanks to Greg and staff I am on the road to recovery. Thank to Shirley Leggett and Kate Hannagan for recommending Shasta Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic.

Karen Liskey

I have suffered with an unbearable burning sensation of the bottoms of my feet and sharp shooting pain in my toes for nearly 5 years, with these symptoms intensifying to the point that I was in tears daily. All I ever received from my medical doctor was another medication for stronger pain medication and a higher dose for diabetes medication.

Acupuncture is something that I tried as a “last resort” for the symptoms. After my second treatment, I asked my acupuncturist, “Why did I wait so long for this type of treatment?” and “Why don’t medical doctors recommend this as part of what they suspect as neuropathy?” My acupuncturist, Greg Enos, was straight forward with me and told me that if I truly had neuropathy the treatments probably wouldn’t help. Greg took time for a lengthily consultation before my treatments began and made me feel comfortable from the get-go. I could not believe relief was so readily available and in such a quick amount of time. After the third treatment, the burning in my right foot, which had been the worst, had subsided almost completely. After the fifth treatment, I had NO burning in either foot, and only an occasional shooting pain in my toes. After six treatments I am convinced acupuncture WAS/IS the right treatment for me. Greg never makes me feel as though my questions are not worth answering, something my medical doctors did on a regular basis. Acupuncture will ALWAYS be a treatment I will investigate should I not receive relief through the medical community and probably will try BEFORE going to a medical doctor.

Sharon K. Haddock

In February of this year, I became gravely ill and spent two months visiting various physicians and specialists plus a visit to the hospital emergency room. Finding no answers or relief for my condition and as a last resort, I tried Shasta Acupuncture & Herbal Wellness. Being a skeptic of Eastern medicine, I did not expect any significant results much less a miraculous recovery.

After two acupuncture treatments and taking the prescribed herbs, I experienced significant improvement. With Greg’s constant encouragement and excellent care I continued to improve and have experienced a full recovery and no longer believe that Western medicine “has all the answers”.

Greg Enos and his staff go above and beyond when it comes to patient care and this brief note is written with much gratitude for their services, which I highly recommend.

Jack Faulkner
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