The main objectives of acupuncture are to:

1. Harmonize the body to stimulate and regulate optimum function.

2. Increase blood flow to relieve stagnation and pain.

3. Strengthen the body to resist sickness & disease.

Acupuncture may help you with:

 •  Addictions
 •  Asthma
 •  Acute & Chronic Pain
 •  Cancer
 •  Poor Circulation
 •  Heart Problems
 •  Infertility
 •  Kidney Problems
 •  Nervousness
 •  Ulcers
 •  Menopausal Symptoms
 •  Respiratory Issues
 •  Arthritis
 •  Vertigo
 •  Digestive Symptoms
 •  Stress
 •  Carpal tunnel Syndrome
 •  Shingles
 •  Whiplash
 •  Flu
 •  Sports Injuries
 •  Detox
 •  Men's Health
 •  Women's Health
 • & more!
Did You Know?

Acupuncture needles are fine and flexible and no bigger around than a human hair. Most often, the insertion creates little to no sensation at all. Occasionally tingling is experienced. We use sterile disposable needles. You will not need to disrobe to receive treatment. We have both leather recliners and treatment tables to provide you with the most comfortable treatment experience.
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